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“To utilize our 3C Model by reducing Fatherless homes across the world through creating impactful narratives of black fathers.”


Create a village amongst brothers to engage in conversations around the challenges Fathers face in society. To impact Fatherless homes we identify the challenges Fathers’ face, strategize an innovative plan and prioritize the Father’s role therefore increasing their chances for success.

Connect Fathers with the appropriate resources needed to influence the entire family in a positive routine.

At I’m A Father F1rst, we truly believe that that the Father is the most intricate and vital piece to the sustainability of a healthy family. To assist with unattainable goals we provide a supportive environment to give that extra support to Fathers and bridge gaps.


With your help, we are able to provide resources to fatherless children and single fathers such as clothing, grooming, sports training and sponsorships to play in a youth sports league.


When you get involved with us by volunteering or providing in-kind donations, you help us make a difference in making Fatherhood F1rst around the world.


I’m A Father F1rst members represents Fathers from diverse backgrounds to enhance their skills through conferences, trainings, community events, and so much more.


I’m a Father F1rst is a movement created to change the negative perception of being a Father. We pride ourselves in creating impactful narratives of black Fathers. I’m a Father F1rst is committed to Fathers and Fatherless children that need financial, mental, emotional, and physical support. We believe the Father is the foundation of our communities around the world.